No. 10 / Summer 2001  Effective Selection Methods

Dialogues & Responses
      The Meaning of Man
The concept of the person/ Ying-Kuei Huang

The concepts of person and self/ Kwang-Kuo Hwang

Human existence and the creation of meaning/ Jien-Ming Jue

The generation of meaning and the human activity of decipherment/ Wei-Lun Lee

The paradox between internet information technology and humanism/ Yuan-Kai Wang

Deliberation of work man from the meaning of man/ Jyhong Lee

Author’s & editor’s responses

Back to the being-in-itself?: A reply to Wei-Lun Lee/ Wen-Li Soong

The unspoken voices: Re-conceptualization of the meaning of man/ Yaw-Sheng Lin

A dialogue between philosophy and scientism/ Hsiao-Huei Pan

More dialogue and exposition/ Huang-Chieh Yu

Special Issue

Effective Selection Methods/ Editors: Chang-I Chen & Yue-Loong Chang

The developmet, reliability, and validity of Chinese managerial competencies test/ Yue-Loong Chang

Managerial assessment by peer nomination in group exercises/ Chun-Ming Lee & Yue-Loong Chang

Predicting successfully adjusted expatriates: An application of the biographical inventory/ Chang-I Chen, Yue-Loong Chang, Jung-Chuen Wang & Wen-Chaun Lee

The comparison of 360-degree feedback with superisor-rating on the prediction of leadership effectiveness/ Yue-Loong Chang & Kang-Ching Liu

Empirical Research

A replication of job stress process among agricultural extension agents in Taiwan/ Shih-Jui Tung

The relationship between parental rearing attitudes and the perceived stress of JHSEE among junior high school students/ Shu-Fan Kao & Luo Lu

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