No. 9 / Spring 2001  The Meaning of Man

Dialogues & Responses
      The Meaning of Home
Where is the homeland? The luxury practice of going home under the impacts of glocalization/ Pai-Hsing Hsiao

The way back to hometown Shu-Cheng Tseng 16 Psychological methodology for broken home/ Der-Heuy Yee

The change and unchange of patriarchy: How to discover alternative ways from family experiences/ Ling-Ching Hsia

Intersubjectivity: Discourse between gay men and straights/ Ming-Jin Wang

It is a far way to go back to my homeland/ An-Bang Yu

Author’s & editor’s responses

The Homecomer Ying-Tang Wang 41 How to go home?/ Herng-Dar Bih

Special Issue

The Meaning of Man/ Editors: Huang-Chieh Yu & Hsiao-Huei Pan

The being that is not the only one: Reconstructing the psycho-cultural meaning of human-being/ Yaw-Sheng Lin

Upward looking thinker: A reflection on the meaning of man/ Huang-Chieh Yu

Towards a holistic person: A view on “person” in Confucianism/ Hsiao-Huei Pan

On the traditional Chinese Buddhist concepts of “man”/ Kuei-Chieh Liu

Christian anthropology/ Stanislaus Lokuang

The aesthetic dimension of human existence/ Johanna Liu

The meaning of an object: Towards a semiotic psychology about Dieh-Xian/ Wen-Li Soong

Conceptual Article

Probing activity curriculum and integrated activity curriculum from system-theory viewpoints: Essence, rationale and prospect/ Yi-Ying Huang

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