No. 6 / Summer 2000  Contextual Perspective on Parenthood

Dialogues & Responses
      Development and Application of Cognitive Science
A knowledge reconstruction view of hindsight bias/ Ruey-Yun Horng & Ting-Yu Wu

Some interesting issues regarding hindsight Chih-Yu Chan 11 Physiological viewpoints of color vision/ Yin Chang

Monitor color display/ Vincent C. Sun.

The role of perception and attention in aircraft cockpit automation system/ Chiou-Yueh Tsay

The application of cognitive science and human engineering/ Tzai-Zang Lee

Extensive applications of cognitive psychology/ Hsueh-Chih Chen

The application of cognitive psychology is vast: The language issues in surveys and mathematical application problems/ Jenn-Yeu Chen

Authors’ responses

Trichromatic theory of color vision: Related phenomena and explanatons/ Su-Ling Yeh & I-Ping Chen

Aviation safety: The issue of human factor on aircraft cockpit automation system/ Yei-Yu Yeh

The process of empowerment in couple therapy: Experiences of a case of morbid jealousy

The need of self inner structure viewing from the research of family therapeutic process/ Tai-Ling Wu

Who can empower?/ Wai-Yung Lee

A cooperative territory in couple therapy/ Lien-Chien Yang

To remove the curse of power/ Lien-Chien Yang

Lessons from the earthquake: Re-exploring the epistemological issues within the subjects of counseling and psychology in the new millennium

The position of the psychologist/ Wei-Lun Lee

Trauma, rehabilitation, and psychologists’ position: Further discussion on the situation of modern psychology/ Yaw-Sheng Lin


A linkage between psychology and history/ Ping-Chen Hsiung

The beauty of free discussion/ Shing-Shiang Ting

Special Issue

Contextual Perspective on Parenthood/ Editor: Huey-Ya Lin, Whei-Ching Liu & Chung-Kwei Wang

An analysis of mothers’ child-rearing behaviors during mother-child interactions/ Huey-Ya Lin

Motherhood: A social constructive perspective/ Whei-Ching Liu

An exploratory study on the formation of child-rearing fatherhood/ Chung-Kwei Wang

Parent’s hermeneutics of separation with child: An implication on modern ethics/ Der-Heuy Yee & Yu-Chung Ku

Experiences & Reflection

Experiencing ‘921’ earthquake: Experiences of psychological rehabilitation with victims in a temporary shelter/ Wei-Ting Lee

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