No. 5 / Spring 2000  Development and Application of Cognitive Science

Dialogues & Responses:
      Family in a changing society: The Cases of Taiwan and Mainland China Mainland scholars’ responses
Psychological development and education for the children from families of poor quality/ Yu Guo-Liang

Mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law are friends Wang Wen-Zhong 7 Learning family/ Yu Wen-Zhao

Enhancement of the psychological functions of family/ Lu Xiao-Jun & Ding Biao

Concept and reality of family for the Han Tribe/ Ma Guo-Qing

Division of household labor between urban and countryside couples in Mainland China/ Yang Shan-Hua & Shen Chong-Lin

Taiwan scholars’ responses

How to investigate the changing phenomenon in family/ Kuang-Hui Yeh

The identification, judgment and choice of social representation/ Tai-Hsing Daisy Day

Gender circumstances in modern family/ Shane Wang

Changes in parental relationship/ Ching-Sung Lee

Authors & editors’ responses

Further discussion on the relationship between mothers-in-law and daughters-in-law/ Hsiang-Ming Kung

The logic of social psychology and cultural analysis/ Shuen-Wen Chen

Reconsidering the editorial philosophy/ Catalina Yin

Special Issue

Development and Application of Cognitive Science/ Editor: Ovid J. L. Tzeng & Daisy Hung

Human factors implications of working memory limits/ Yuh-Shiow Lee

Debiasing hindsight bias: An application of the reason-generation procedure/ Chia-Pi Chang & Ju-Whei Lee

Aviation safety: Applications of basic research on perception and attention/ Yei-Yu Yeh

Trichromatic theory of color vision and its applications/ Su-Ling Yeh & I-Ping Chen

Gamma correction for monitors used in psychological experiments/ I-Ping & Chen Su-Ling Yeh

Conceptual Article

Lessons from the earthquake: Re-exploring the epistemological issues within the subjects of counseling and psychology in the new millennium/ Yaw-Sheng Lin

Empirical Research

A follow-up research on the selection procedure of “Recommendation and Screening”/ Hsia-Lin Yao

Case Study

The process of empowerment in couple therapy: Experiences of a case of morbid jealousy/ Lien-Chien Yang

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